Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great way to add visual interest to your garden, build-up sloping areas that were previously unusable and improve the overall value of your property. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary finish or a more traditional look and feel, we can design and build a retaining wall that will suit both your home and garden perfectly.

There are countless material choices to choose from, and we are happy to organise a free, onsite consultation to discuss with you the different options available to best suit your outdoor space and budget.

Retaining Wall Repair and Replacement

Many of our clients have existing retaining walls that have begun to crack, leak or tilt. We have many years of experience in retaining wall repairs and replacement, including engineered and reinforced retaining walls of substantial height

Boundary retaining wall repair

The original retaining wall had begun to crack and tilt. Working under a tight budget, we completed the job using these attractive but cost effective Austral Solitary Split Face blocks, for a fraction of the cost of a new masonry wall.

Concrete sleeper retaining wall replacement

The original pine sleeper wall had begun to rot and give way. As this was a boundary retaining wall and not visible from the property, we completed the job using concrete pine sleepers, which are cost effective to install and will last a lifetime.

Retaining wall replacement with treated pine sleepers

We replaced an outdated keystone retaining wall that had discoloured with a fresh and functional grass terrace using treated pine sleepers.

Engineered retaining wall repair with sandstone rock face blocks

The original retaining wall had started to lean and seperate, and was no longer structurally sound. Due to its substantial height of 1.6 metres, we completed this project using sandstone rock face blocks, in conjunction with mortar, core filling and steel reinforcements to ensure it would stand the test of time.

Treated Pine & Concrete Sleepers

If you’re looking for a budget friendly retaining wall, treated pine or concrete sleepers are quick to install, can be built to substantial heights and are available in a variety of different textures, finishes and colours.

Treated Pine - Round Logs

Concrete Sleepers - Wood Look

Treated Pine - Round Logs

Concrete Sleepers - Wood Look

Brick & Masonry

Masonry retaining walls look fantastic, are durable, quick to construct and cost effective. For this reason, they are also our most popular. The benefit of working with masonry bricks is there are so many options available in terms of design and colour. Typically, we work with Boral and Austral Masonry retaining wall blocks, which are available in the following designs:

Boral Keystone / Austral Valleystone

From creatively designed paths and courtyards, to naturally textured garden retaining walls. The Keystone system offers a versatile design, enabling curves to be built with ease, as well as stairs and straight walls.

Boral Heathstone / Austral Grandwall

Featuring sharp, contemporary lines, this retaining wall system is practical and easy to install. This highly adaptable range can be used for curves, corners, steps and can create straight and capped walls.

Austral Hastings

In hues of Charcoal, Alpine, Sepia and Beach, Hastings is available in a colour to suit your next landscaping project. Each product contains natural tones to create a realistic and appealing finish to each block.

Austral Heron

With rich, natural colours and design flexibility, Heron retaining wall blocks have the colour and finish for all landscaping projects. They require no mortar and are virtually maintenance free. In combination with geogrid soil reinforcement, these walls can be built to substantial heights, without costly footings.

Boral Klinker

A unique new wall system using new impregnation technology for a deeper black colour.

Boral Nu-Line

Economy retaining wall that ticks all the right boxes, it's lightweight, cost-effective and hassle free.

Boral Pyrmont

A strong and secure retaining wall option, with a sharp framed splitface, it features a unique interlocking pin system. Pyrmont can be built up to 1.2m high when designed by a suitably qualified engineer and combined with soil reinforcement.

Austral Sydneystone

Whether your building a straight or curved wall, Sydneystone offers a great solution for a clean and contemporary vertically stacked retaining wall.

Stone Veneer & Cladding

Stone wall cladding is an excellent alternative to solid stone blocks, as it lets you create the same look for a fraction of the cost. There’s a myriad of choice available, with something to suit everyone’s taste. Popular choices include:

Stacked Stone Cladding

If you're looking to add modern style and visual appeal to your retaining wall, stacked stone is the ultimate solution. Stacked stone features a unique arrangement of 100% natural, flat building stones that exude elegance and beauty.

Ledge Stone Cladding

Each ledge stone is unique in size, colour and texture, giving your retaining wall a unique, old world charm. Manufactured using natural stone materials such as slate, granite, quartz and schist, this stone cladding captures beautiful colours and textures that only comes from natural stone.

Dry Stone Modular Panels

Dry Stone cladding gives the appearance of individual, solid stone blocks, allowing you to create the same charming and sophisticated look of a dry stone wall, for a fraction of the cost. Available in gold limestone, silver limestone and Sapphire Mica Schist, three popular colours to suit any home.

Ardesia Slate Cladding

Slate's beautiful look and multi-layered surface offers a three-dimensional feel that will give your retaining wall an elegant appeal. Slate is also durable and wears well over time.