Consultation & Quote

We come and visit and take on board your thoughts and ideas regarding your project. We then provide feedback taking into account site conditions and the suitability of your proposed works. Then once an understanding of suitable proposed works is reached we can measure, take photos and assess the site. We then get back to you with a quotation listing all the elements in the works in an easy to understand format. We are also happy to quote on designs and plans you have supplied.

Retaining Walls

Given the steep and often rugged terrain in our area, retaining walls are a very popular way to create a level usable space that would otherwise be wasted. They can add tremendous value to a property once usable space is created. They also serve many other purposes. We construct all types and styles of wall including:
  • Timber sleeper
  • Pine log
  • Concrete block
  • Concrete sleeper
  • Gabion basket
  • Rendered brick
  • Sandstone boulder
  • Crib
Always keep in mind if the wall is visible to you or not – many choose more expensive materials if they have the wall in a high visibility area. However if the wall is not visible then cheaper materials are better suited whilst still providing the same strength. Remember correct drainage and backfilling is also vital to your new wall.


Paving is a great way to create a usable outdoor space for entertaining, access or practical reasons. We find it more attractive than concrete. Paving is available in many sizes and styles these days and we can advise you what will suit your needs the best. We install all types of paving over all types of base layers. Remember light coloured pavers will brighten a darker space and reflect light but will also show the dirt and need more frequent cleaning. Darker coloured pavers hide the dirt but darken an area. They also absorb more heat.

Decking & Screening

Decks are a great way to create a usable level area especially when the site is sloping and difficult to build walls and fill with soil and lawn. They are also don’t require mowing and are free draining. Perfect around pools. We construct hardwood, merbau, composite and treated pine decks. We construct matching steps, handrails and other features such as seating to suit. A nice deck can truly transform an outdoor entertaining area. Timber screening is a very effective way to create privacy in our increasingly urbanised environment. It is an instant way to screen as opposed to planting hedges.

Plants & Turfing

We are qualified horticulturalists at Brightside. We can provide plant selection services that make sure you get the dream garden you really want whilst also ensuring the plants chosen will grow well in the location. We are experts at creating attractive low maintenance gardens. We know all the turf varieties, what suits sun or shade and the best procedures to install and maintain successfully.

Other Services

You could say we are almost like an outdoor builder. We cover Drainage, Irrigation, Fencing, Turfing, Mulching, Garden Edgings and Pathways for example.